The CIVIDINI sweaters are made out by our master craftswomen according to the highest quality standards, by washing them with the greatest care they can have excellent durability. A little treasure that can be transmitted from one generation to another.

Every sweater is different depending on the types of yarn or any added processing, therefore we recommend to carefully follow the washing instructions on the label sewn inside each item.


Cashmere is a natural fiber and renews itself at the contact with water it can thus be washed many times. We recommend the use of high quality natural soap; press gently into the foam and rinse repeatedly, without twisting. Avoid squeezing the garment, instead, dab it with towels. Put the item in its original form leaving it to dry laid and away from heat sources.


True are the causes of the formation of pilling on your cashmere sweater: technical, or more frequently due to improper care.
To prevent its formation it is recommended not to wear the same item for more than two consecutive days in a row in order to leave breathing the fibers between each use.
We suggest regular brushing with specific tools to remove the pilling, by doing so, you will avoid the excessive accumulation and your sweater will always have a new and fluffy appearance.