The items decorated with this technique are hand-painted by artisans-artists with colors resistant to delicate washing and are produced in limited and numbered edition.


Stencil defines a painting technique that, by the application of masks and silhouettes on the painting surface, allows the artist to roll out the color with a brush and get the desired design in negative.


The roller technique is realized by young artists by the use of a conventional paint roller directly on the knit or fabric.


The color is sprayed and dropped like rain on each finished garment, creating a non-uniform color effect that constitutes its characteristic and value. This technique is used on our garments since 1992.

Tie and Dye

Its an old hand-dyeing technique originated in Japan around the 8th century BC, which consists in the “ad hoc” folding of the garment before immersion in dye so as to obtain a design derived from the type of fold. This technique is done entirely by hand.